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A beautiful line strikes a chord within me as do the contrast of colors and the harmonious arrangement of forms within an image. The power of a line and form in my sculptures is enhanced by stripping away superfluous detail. I grew up in western Oregon in a soft landscape dominated by dense vegetation. The sparse vegetation and resulting landscapes in the Great Basin marks a sharp contrast to western Oregon landscapes. The beauty of these stark landscapes drives me to make sculptures that strip a mental image to its essence, emphasizing line and form. Color is used to contrast features. The result for me often evokes memories of landscapes and geological features that I experienced during the thirty years I spent working in the deserts and mountains of the West.

I recently started the meander series of sculptures after discovering the similarity between lines created by rivers in the Southwest and Louisiana in aerial photographs. High altitude satellite images, like sparse vegetation, emphasize features by reducing detail, revealing beautiful lines made by river meanders.




22 July - "Riders of the Purple Sage" has been selected for the 2016 Forum 35's Art Melt exhibition at the Capitol Park Museum in Baton Rouge. The Preview Party will be held on Friday, July 22nd between 7-10 PM.

May - 'Natural Design' show with Thomas Green and Tony Saladino at Justus Fine Art Gallery, Hot Springs, AR.

4 March Three works in the March Exhibit group show, Justus Fine Art Gallery, Hot Springs, AR.

26 February - My new show "Hidden Depths" is showing at Gallery 203, Ruston, LA.

21 January - "Meanders 2, 4, 5 and 6"; are in the "Abstract Nature"; show at the Rainforest Art Foundation, Shreveport.


26 February - "Life Without Parole: Wild and Free-Roaming Horses Act"; was in MICROCOSMOS, a juried show at Gallery 621, Benicia, CA (SF Bay area). The juror, Chester Arnold, is a professor at the College of Marin.



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